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About Us

The project «ExpoShoes Business Online» has begun exist in December, 2008 and we work here the second year, being based on the base experience in the field shoe business over the last 10 years.


We did not begin to borrow experience other resources and have begun this difficult way, expecting for the experience and forces in sphere of the given business of production and sales.

Occurrence «ExpoShoes Business Online» — became an exit on more high level of business relations at application of an information technology of the Internet.

The resource ExpoShoes.com promptly types the turn-overs today to what indications of the advanced official technologies of the Internet testify, only for 4 months our resource was lifted from 19.000.000  place to 185.000 place in the world (Alexa). We d’not stay on it, we will try to enter in ТОP-100.000, and after and in ТОP-100 the best sites of the world, by means of constant introduction of modern technologies and granting to a large quantity of users of the information on our project. It is ‘t necessary to forget that our project has begun the existence and already becomes a useful resource for the shoe industry. We will constantly improve and introduce various software products and high technologies,  proving principles of functionality and advancement of project ExpoShoes Business Online in the world.

Project ExpoShoes Business Online will be soon presented a wide audience of manufacturers and businessmen at the international exhibitions of Kiev, Moscow and the distant countries of abroad. Our project is prepared for sphere of the shoe industry from manufacturers of the equipment, chemistry and footwear, and to finish products of sphere of the shoe industry - handbags, accessories for footwear, materials, a leather, accessories, a haberdashery and other by-products.

Our information resources will  introduce your economy to new level, will help you and your partners in business to be in uniform business sphere in a real-time, to build the marketing policy and to do online orders of the goods and services. You become in a rate of all most important moments, on the basis of operatively updated information on a site, online dialogue and real orders with those who will interest you on a resource.

The first Specialized International business project
including vital information, presentations and news in the world of the shoe industry.
Production, Business, Search, Dialogue, Partnership.


We offer you the First specialised shoe business project including the information and news in the world of a fashion, where probably your direct sharing in dialogue between manufacturers and dealers. On the given project you can familiarise with all complex of the shoe industry of the different countries of the world, - from the equipment on tailoring of footwear by light industry and before footwear realisation finished products dealers to the places. First of all our project is directed on improvement and development of an infrastructure of shoe production and deliveries of the given kind of production. 

The interactive menu with a private office on our project will allow you to travel on the countries and continents, to get acquainted with new people in industrial sphere, to develop the business, to know about a world fashion and passing exhibitions. We have decided to you to assist and grant accounting record creation on the project (a personal office), in which ambassador of the assertion administration of the project you can show the personal information about your business and users can see it of our project ExpoShoes Business Online .  Many  users  can know about you in the world of internet!

The project "ExpoShoes Business Online" is intended for preparation you to sharing in exhibitions and the subsequent orders of production . You can look catalogues of production of manufacturers interesting you and to begin with them acquaintance at correspondence. Our exclusive project has no analogues , it works in a complex with other our projects and gives peak efficiency for manufacturers and dealers. We promise many  pleasant and positive moments in connection with complete start of our project "ExpoShoes Business Online"!
Private businessman attending to sale given segment the goods and the manufacturers attending to production of footwear, daily and modelling bags, accessories to footwear, and also manufacturers of packing, a skin, accessories, a sole, haberdasheries, chemistry and the equipment for production of the given kind of the goods, and also official representatives of manufacturers of these firms can be registered on the project. Endorsement of registration can take one day, depending on granted for registration of your personal data for what you need to confirm itself, having loaded necessary files (copies of the documents including copies of registration of the subject of entrepreneurial business (certificate), your photo and a photo with a surname, a name and a patronymic in the Passport (we do not require a series of the passport and other data). We try to make  you felt confidently on the project and have been as much as possible protected from swindle and a spam. The personal data is not disclosed and granted only for check of the person as all of us should be assured of fair partnership on the project "ExpoShoes Business Online". 

We are interested in safety of your catalogues of production - Copyrights of manufacturers and we care of fair relations of business from outside those who is registered and participates in on our interesting project. More advanced system of safety is at present developed and working out of "BLACKLIST" of those who already has infringements of financial mutual relations, breach of confidence and swindle between manufacturers or businessmen (dealers) that disciplines the further mutual relations is prepared. The project is constantly finished and improved. Interface language will be multilingual!

On our project you can:

  • to place in the catalogue of trade marks a logo of your enterprise, a direction in enterprise work, the contact data, your web-address in a network the Internet.
  • to read texts with transfer (multilingual project transfer ***)
  • to pay for our additional services through the bank Internet - terminal, to unpack the receipt on payment on an order amount from a file and to pay through cash desk of banks, WM and other ***
  • to ask questions through an interactive window of a chat on main page and to receive answers and consultations in different languages ***
  • to take advantage of functions of video - of presentation of the goods and services on the direct chosen audience of the countries.
  • to place your brand in Big Board on main page
  • to order banner installation
  • to place the latest news of yours company  to main page of the project
  • to use ours RSS project news on your site only in a network the Internet
  • to create the latest news of your company and inform all by RSS and dispatches
  • to choose independently languages of translation of articles in those countries of the world and show it, irrespective of where you are, thereby involving in yourself partners and to recommend the production on the given region.
  • holders of sites can  take advantage of news of the companies with instructions of our source in a network the Internet
  • to load a considerable quantity of photos into your catalogue of production at one stroke!
  • to order and place any quantity of photos and catalogues of your production through the menu of orders in your office of the project “ExpoShoes Business Online” (sales, exhibitions, workings out, etc.), edit, add and delete them at desire (affirms moderators)
  • to regular customers from other countries, not registered on our project but with which you very much co-operate for a long time to show collections by means of a certain combination in your profile of an office ***
  • to calculate an order amount by means of the calculator on a site, thus to calculate the forces in preparation for orders ***
  • to order production by the gross from your manufacturers which goods you already know, without additional expenditures through system of messages online ***
  • to save time and means for searches business of the partner and frequent trips, to order production through the user menu of a private office
  • fast to get access to novelties of production of manufacturers
  • always to know the latest news in the fashion world (without registration)
  • online to get access to advancement of production in territory of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, other countries (and not only)
  • to take advantage online of dialogue and to show the chosen photos or files from production catalogues
  • to receive the information on international exhibitions passing in the world in the given sphere of business
  • to be prepared for the international exhibitions and to order necessary sharing in it
  • to take advantage of the Blacklist of clients and the enterprises
  • to become our partner

Invite your clients, business partners, suppliers and other persons interested in advancement, improvement and improvement of your business to our project for fast dialogue!

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